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Special Tips Geared
Especially To Dog
Whether you want to
get a dog or if you
already have one, you’re
probably aware of the
fact that it takes some
work to care for a dog.
It’s not something to be
taken lightly. To increase
your knowledge, take a
look at the tips below.
Be careful with your dog
around Christmas
season, many dangers
are lurking just under
the festive ambiance.
For instance, electrical
chords are typically
strewn about during the
holidays, and dogs often
chew them, creating an
electrical hazard. Dogs
may be tempted to eat
the decorations on the
tree. They may also be
tempted by the tree
water, which can be
Get your dog neutered.
Research has shown that
by doing this you can be
sure your pet can have a
longer life and not be at
risk for things like
cancer. Besides, a
neutered dog will be less
likely to run away or to
get in fights with other
Your dog has teeth just
like you, so it makes
sense that he needs
proper dental care.
Invest in a dog
toothbrush and brush
his teeth often. Simply
allowing the vet to do it
at his regular checkups is
not enough. You can also
purchase treats that are
specifically meant to
help with your pet’s
Refrain from making the
training sessions with
your dogs too long.
Extended sessions can
make a dog tire out and
become bored easily
when you are trying to
teach them new things.
Limit your training
sessions to 20-30
minutes, as this will help
to keep the full attention
of your dog.
Avoid impersonating a
medical professional
when it comes to your
dog’s health. In an
attempt to save money,
many people try to
diagnose their pet’s
conditions or use human
treatments on various
elements and that can
be very dangerous to the
animal. If you can’t
afford full vet care, tell
that to the doctor and
ask their advice anyway
or if they could arrange a
payment plan for you.
If you are struggling to
get your pet to behave
during a grooming
session, apply positive
reinforcement. With
your words and your
tone, praise your dog for
anything little thing that
he or she does well
during the time you are
working with him. Give
him a treat when you
are finished, so he
begins to associate
grooming with
something good. You
should turn your dog’s
behavior around in no

Make sure that you trim
your dog’s nails on a
fairly regular basis. You
do not want them to get
too long since it will
make it uncomfortable
for them to walk and
they may develop health
issues. They should be at
a length that just about
touches the ground.
Don’t forget about your
dog when writing your
will. Many pets end up
being fought over or
neglected completely
because specific
instructions were not
left regarding their care.
Include a clause that
clearly directs your loved
ones on what to do with
your dog so that he’s
well taken care of.
Always be the boss with
your dog. A dog is not
only much more apt to
be obedient when you
are in command, he’ll
also be much happier.
Dogs need to know
what’s expected of them
and that they are being
led. This gives them a
sense of security and
you a more peaceful
To ensure that your dog
is safe, you should try to
make your home as dogproof as possibly. This
includes making sure
that only safe play toys
are within your dogs
reach. If you have a
problem with your dog
getting into your kitchen
trash or the things on
your counter, you could
consider getting a baby
gate to prevent your pup
from entering the
Get creative with your
dog’s ongoing training.
For example, teach him
commands in other
languages or show him
how to do something
that will really impress
everyone he meets. He
will love showing off to
people and the extra
learning will create a
more well-behaved
animal who is happier
with himself.
Know the symptoms of
dehydration in your dog,
as it is a common
ailment that can be
dangerous. Particularly
during hot dry summer
months, your dog may
pant excessively and
experience a loss of the
elasticity of his skin. If
you see this, encourage
him to drink water and
add a little Pedialyte to
rehydrate him.
To discourage your dog
from chewing everything
in the house, combine
equal parts of water,
white vinegar and applecider vinegar in a spray
bottle. Gently mist
things like shoes and
umbrella handles and
this should repel your
dog. If not, dab a little
minty muscle ointment
on the things he’s prone
to chomping and that
should work for sure.
Keep your dog safe from
dangerous chemicals.
Similar to kids, cleaning
chemicals and any car
maintenance substances
are harmful to them.
These substances are
poisonous, so if a dog
gets any on them or
ingests any, they could
get burned, become very
sick, or die. Store your
hazardous chemicals in a
place that your dog can’t
get to, or keep them in a
closed area using a childproof lock.
The kind of leash you
use when walking your
dog is very important. A
small leash that would fit
a small dog, like a
chihuahua, is not going
to fit a Rottweiler or pit
bull. Get a leash that will
fit your dog comfortably
but also provided them
with safety.
Make sure that you
spend adequate time on
each thing that you try
to teach your dog. Even
though your dog might
catch on to something,
for example the “sit”
command, it may not be
mastered. You’ll want to
make sure that the
command is done every
time that you ask no
matter what situation
you are in before you
move onto a new
It should be easy to care
for your dog with the
advice found above.
Show a relaxed nature
towards the dog and be
patient to them as they
will reciprocate in kind.
Continue to look up
information and have
fun with your canine.
Dog 101: How To Take
Better Care Of Your Dog
Your dog is your best
friend, for better or
worse. When he chews
up a box of facial tissues,
all you can do is laugh.
When he snuggles into
the crook of your back at
night, you can feel loved.
To pay him back for the
joy he brings you, read
this article and learn all
you can.
It costs a lot to own a
dog. Not only do you
have to buy food, but
you have to pay their vet
bills and purchase other
items that they need.
You could spend as
much as a thousand
dollars in one year on
your pet! One huge
expense you might
encounter is emergency
vet care, so you may
want to think about
getting health insurance
for your pet.
Never hit your dog.
There are better ways to
train a dog without
having to resort to
violence. The best way
to train a dog is to
reinforce positive
behaviors with treats
and attention. Negative
behavior should be
handled with a stern and
disapproving voice as
opposed to striking the
If you are thinking of
getting a new dog for
your family, be sure you
are prepared for this
commitment. Smaller
dogs will require at least
a 14-16 year
commitment, and larger
dogs will require at least
10 years. If you are not
prepared to own the dog
for its entire life, then do
not choose a dog as a
Your dog needs to be
secured when in a car.
Not only will it make the
journey safer, as it will
lead to fewer
distractions for the
person driving the car,
but in the event of an
accident, it could also
save your dog’s life. Look
for a seat belt harness,
often sold at pet stores,
that you can put in your
car for your pet.
If your young dog is
teething and gnawing at
everything, buy him a
fun chew toy and keep it
in the fridge. Not only
does this provide him
with a good alternative
to your furniture, but
the cold will help to
make his gums feel
better. Most younger
dogs gnaw out of
necessity, not poor
Never allow your dog to
be alone with small
children, no matter how
much you trust his
temperament. Many
little kids have been
attacked by family dogs
who have otherwise
never demonstrated a
tendency towards
violence. Sleeping dogs
may be woken by a
toddler and react
negatively or some other
offense is committed
against the animal that
sets him off.
Teach your dog to be
trained, even if you
don’t plan on devoting a
lot of time to special
tricks. A dog needs to
understand the basic
hierarchy of the home
and should be prepared
to listen and learn
throughout his life.
Practice the basics like
“sit” and “down” in the
beginning and introduce
something new every
once in a while.
If your dog does
something that you do
not like, try to avoid just
saying no. To your dog,
no doesn’t really explain
what you want your pup
to do. Instead of saying
no if your dog is
jumping, try to get your
dog to sit or lay down.
By doing this, you
provide your dog with an
instruction of what to
Not every dog is capable
of going to the dog park.
Some dogs will not do
well around other dogs
that they do not know.
Get to know how your
dog does around friends’
or neighbors’ dogs
before you attempt to
take him to the park.
This way, you will know
if he will be aggressive
towards other dogs.
Determine your dog’s
specific exercise
regimen. Dogs have
different fitness needs
based their sex, overall
health, age, breed mix,
or breed. Every dog
should have a couple 10-
minute walks a day
around the block. Dogs
between 6 and 18
months, active breed or
mixed breeds, terriers,
hounds, and herding
dogs will most likely
require more fitness
than others types of
If your female dog is in
heat be cautious – she
could very easily become
pregnant. Males can
smell her scent for miles.
The end result of letting
an in heat dog run free is
not only an unwanted
litter, but also a dog who
is prone to fighting and
the resulting injuries.
It is crucial that you take
your dog into see the
veterinarian on a regular
basis. Dogs must see
their vet for full exams,
vaccinations and routine
testing. Puppies tend to
need the vet more than
adults. At the first sign of
illness or if your dog is
injured, don’t hesitate to
take him to the vet.
A dog needs plenty of
love and attention. You
should try spending at
least a couple of hours a
day with your dog. Play
in your backyard or take
your dog to the nearest
park. You should get
plenty of exercises
before coming home
and petting your dog for
a while.
When it comes to
feeding your dog, make
sure that you are using a
reputable brand that
contains enough
nutrition. This is
important because there
are dog foods that
contain an undesirable
amount of filler in the
food. You want to be
sure that your dog is
getting the amount of
nutrients that it needs in
order for it to be
When you are walking
your dog in the
wintertime, there may
be rock salt or chemical
ice melters that come in
contact with his feet.
Once you get back in the
house, wash his paws
and dry them gently.
This will prevent these
items from causing any
type of infections.
Even outdoor dogs
require lots of love and
attention. He will
develop very bad habits,
like barking, digging or
chewing if left alone too
often. He could also
become aggressive. Play
with him often and let
him know you love him,
and he will be happy.
While humans may
judge us, a dog never
will. He will continually
love you, even when you
neglect his best
interests. That said, you
have read this article
because you never wish
to do anything which
harms him, so use these
tips every day and make
his life as joyous as he
makes yours.